For sale

We regularly have ponies from our own breeding for sale. We also always have ponies available from our friends and we can search for you in our network and advise and mediate. We have export experience to all countries. The last Saturday of October we also organize the Shetland Pony Select Sale. The next one is on 29-10-2022.

At this moment we are almost sold out, but yo can take a reservation on one of the foals for 2022, take a good look at the foal page. For a good home Oraya II, a small 1,5 year o

Raphael van Stal Pablito

Te koop: vos hengstveulen

Raphaƫl van Stal Pablito

Geboren: 1 april 2022

v. Dance van Stal Polderzicht

m. Letitia van Stal Pablito

m.v. Pacific van Bromishet